Blockchain for Business


The Situation

Many business owners are not aware of the power of blockchain technology and what that can do for them and their business. Blockchain is an innovation, a competitive advantage, and can save money in multiple ways when utilized properly (no chargebacks, time savings, smart contracts, etc.)

The technology offers new ways to pursue the universal business goals of better, faster, and cheaper. In addition, if utilizing a token in their business, and there are numerous ways to reward staff, clients and stakeholder when business owners understand the Tokenomics of creating or using blockchain based tokens.

The Challenge

There are many misconceptions about blockchain technology and crypto currencies. There is a difference!

Most of the blockchain education opportunities available today are focused on programmers and developers. Or speculators looking to make gains from crypto "coins".

DBM ProWorks strongly advocates that everyone involved in the blockchain space should start with a solid foundation of blockchain technology fundamentals. 

The Value is in the technology itself. DBM ProWorks helps businesses realise and execute this value.

The Solution

DBM ProWorks provides education & support to help businesses understand blockchain.

You will learn what the blockchain is and how powerful a tool it can be for your business.

You will be personally guided by a team of experienced blockchain professionals who have a track record of growing digital assets over a decade in this industry.

You can then go on and build a stronger business, faster and more securely, thereby maximising your revenues and lowering your risk.

You will be empowered to cut through the hype when looking at potential third party suppliers and business partners.

DBM ProWorks offers deeper education on certain topics beyond our introductory program. In addition, we provide consulting services to help guide businesses to make empowered decisions in the Blockchain space.  

Program Goal  

By the end of the program, participants will be able to apply the fundamentals of blockchain technology to compare and contrast opportunities in the blockchain space.


What You Will Get  

Over 6 hours of LIVE education delivered by our team of experts.

Participant’s Workbook including copies of slide decks, detailed info and references.

Exclusive Telegram group for Q & A, support and accountabilit

A full understanding of how you and your business can utilise blockchain technology to raise funds, create cost out opportunity and drive client engagement.






Learning Objectives

  1. Define blockchain technology
  2. Describe the value of blockchain technology.
  3. Identify the differences between blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
  4. Explain basic tokenomics.
  5. Analyze the top three security risk factors and how to mitigate them.
  6. Appraise blockchain integration opportunities for your business.



What you will learn 

Session One

Blockchain fundamentals

  • What is blockchain technology
  • Creating a transaction on the blockchain
  • Describe the value of the blockchain
  • Identify the difference between blockchain technology & cryptocurrency

 Session Two

Tokenomics Basics


  • Coins and tokens
  • What is tokenomics
  • A tokenomics model
  • Cryptocurrencies as blockchain applications
  • Real-world applications for blockchain

Session Three

Security & Risk factors

  • Legislation
  • Technology
  • Human factor
  • Managing security and risk



Session Four

Appraising Blockchain Opportunities

  • “How to” toolbox
  • Fiat gateway systems
  • Blockchain integration with business - Applications